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Privacy Policy

Privacy declaration
We respect your privacy and handle the personal data we collect with care. We always act in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws and regulations regarding the processing of personal data.
In this statement you can read which data is collected by us, what this data is used for and for whom this data is transparent. We also explain how we store your data, how long we keep your data and how we protect your data against misuse. It also describes what rights you have with regard to the personal data you provide to us.
This privacy statement applies to the processing of personal data that we collect through our websites, our customer service and third-party platforms.
If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us. You will find the contact details at the end of this statement.

1. For what purposes do we use your data?
We collect and use personal data for various purposes. Which data we process and for what purpose is explained below.
1.1 Fulfilling an order placed by you
For the processing of your online order and its delivery to the desired delivery address, we use the following information from you:
- Salutation, first and last name
This allows us to address you personally.
- Billing and delivery address
We need this information to prepare your invoice and to deliver your order to the correct address.
- Phone number
If there is any uncertainty about your order or its delivery, we will use your telephone number to contact you. If we cannot reach you by phone, we will send you an email.
- E-mail address
After placing your order you will receive a confirmation of your purchase by e-mail. You will also receive an e-mail with which you can track the delivery of your order.
- Payment method
Depending on the payment method you have chosen, you will be forwarded from our secure environment for processing your payment to the secure payment site of one of our Payment Service Providers: ICEPAY,, PayPal or Klarna. We do not see account numbers, credit card details and personal information that you enter there. We only hear if your payment was successful.
- IP address
In a physical store, customers are recognized by their appearance. Online this is done via the IP address. Based on your IP address, we can show you appropriate content and offer you a pleasant shopping experience.
- Company name, legal form, Chamber of Commerce and VAT number (for business customers)
In addition to the above information, we also need your company name, legal form, Chamber of Commerce and VAT number for business orders. We use this information to prepare the invoice and to verify your registration as a company in the Trade Register.
We sell some of our items through external sales platforms. When you place an order via these sales platforms, the relevant platform will share your order and personal data with us. We only use this data insofar as this is necessary in the context of processing and executing the order. Third party selling platforms may have their own privacy policies and terms. We recommend that you read them before using these platforms.
1.2 Creating a personal account
We offer you the possibility to create a personal online account. Creating an account is not required, it is for your convenience only. In your account we store details of previous orders, returns, email preferences and personal information. By logging into your account, you can view this information and, with the exception of previous orders, adjust it if you wish. You can also easily place a new order without having to enter your details every time.
In addition to the 1.1. mentioned data, we store the following data in your account:
- Previous orders
This allows you to see what you have ordered from us in the past.
- Order number
With the order number we can find your order. You may need this number when you contact us.
- Email preferences
We send newsletters by email. You can change your preference for whether or not you wish to receive our newsletter. You can also unsubscribe at any time via the unsubscribe link in the newsletter itself.
- Password
You log in to your account with your email address and a password of your choice. This password is stored encrypted. We cannot see what your password is.
1.3 Customer service
Our customer service is happy to help you with questions about your order. You can also contact us for information and advice about the products we sell. When a product is temporarilyis not in stock, you can indicate via our customer service that you want to be informed when the product is available again. We will then inform you without obligation. We will solve possible problems for you as soon as possible. You can reach our customer service by e-mail, telephone or letter. To avoid having to tell your story multiple times, make notes and we may ask you for your order number, name, e-mail address, telephone number and other information that we use to handle your complaint.
1.4 Sending newsletters
We would like to keep you informed about new products, special offers and other promotions. You can sign up for our newsletter. We send general newsletters and personal newsletters by e-mail. The personal messages are based on your transactions. In this way we can send you information that may correspond to your personal wishes.
We receive messages with your permission. If you prefer not to receive newsletters and offers, you can always unsubscribe. This can be done by clicking on the link in the newsletter, via your account or by contacting our customer service.
1.5 Ratings and Reviews
As a result of your purchase, we can send you an e-mail with a review request regarding our services for the products you have purchased.
We attach great importance to customer satisfaction. In order to improve our services, we are interested in your opinion and we offer you the opportunity to rate us. Your review can help other consumers want to order a product from us. For a review about our services and we direct you to independent review sites such as KiyOH Trustpilot. The information you leave there will be shared with us so that we can link the review to your order. Third-party review sites may have their own privacy policies and terms. We recommend that you read before using these sites.
We may also ask you to write a review about the products you use. By sharing your experience with a product, you give us and other visitors a better idea of ​​what they can expect from the product. Together with your rating, your name, place of residence, gender and age group will be posted on our website.
We receive payment requests when you have subscribed to our newsletter. If you prefer not to receive these anymore, you can always unsubscribe. This can be done by clicking on the e-mail, via your account or by contacting our customer service.
1.6 Improving our services
We are happy to offer you an optimal online shopping experience. To improve our websites, we collect information about how you use them. Think of viewing pages, zooming in on a product of clicking on links. We use cookies for this.
Some cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website, for example to be able to put products in your shopping cart or to tell you how far you are with an order.
In addition, we use cookies to analyze the traffic on the website, so that we can measure and improve the performance. We use Google Analytics for this. The data collected by Google Analytics is processed anonymously and is therefore not linked to your personal data. A processing agreement has been concluded with Google, the option 'share data' is disabled and the function for User IDs is not available. Furthermore, no other Google services are used in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.
Finally, we use marketing cookies, which allow us to show you advertisements that are relevant to your interests on our website and via our advertising networks.
A cookie in no way gives us access to your computer and cookies are only used with your permission. You can choose to accept cookies from prevent. Please note that if you want to delete all cookies, this may prevent you from taking full advantage of the website.
See the cookie page for more information about cookies.
1.7 Fraud prevention
We prefer to trust everyone. But unfortunately that is not always possible. Sometimes we need to use customer data to investigate, prevent and counter fraud. If you are really suspicious, we must pass on your details to government authorities. So don't do that.

2. What are the legal bases for using your data?
When you buy a product from us, you enter into an agreement with us. We have your data than necessary to fulfill your online order according to contract.
In addition, we can use your data for a useful interest. We offer our customers the most optimal, personal service. This applies to creating a personal account, contacting us, sending newsletters and collecting data for analysis marketing purposes. Of course we always respect your privacy.
Sometimes you have permission to use your data, such as when you sign up for our newsletter.
We may also have a need to use your information, for example where there is fraud.

3. Who has access to your data?
We handle your personal data with care. We only share your data with later when this is necessary for our services. This concerns the following parties: delivery partners, payment partners and IT service providers.
Only with your consent do we provide information about your site usage with third parties, such as media and advertising agencies, data management platforms and research firms. This is to provide you with tailored content or targeted advertisements that are relevant to your interests.
The parties that receive permission from us to process your data are all obliged to your privacy under the agreement.
We will never sell your data to third parties.

4. Where is your data stored?
Our websites and backups are hosted at Namehero. Information you leave on the website may be stored on Nameher's servers. When you contact our website via the contact form on the e-mail, those e-mails will also be placed on the Namehero servers. The Hostnet data center is located in Amsterdam and is like a Tier-3 data center. This represents the highest achievable classification in terms of safety and reliability.
Newsletters are sent through Namehero's servers. When you sign up for the newsletter, your address will be saved in the e-mail list within name.

5. How long is your data kept?
We do not store and use your data for longer than is strictly necessary. Later, your data will be deleted and we will use your data anonymously for internal analysis of reports.
Retention periods
- We must keep order, payment and invoice data from the tax authorities for 7 years. After that, we only use anonymized data for internal reports.
- We keep customer accounts as long as you have an active account with us. We delete inactive customer accounts without registration for our newsletter after 7 years. After that period, we will only use your data anonymously for internal reporting.
- We keep your registration for our newsletter as long as you are followed. You can always unsubscribe from this via the link of the newsletter, via your account or by contacting our customer service.
- Within Google Analytics, data retention for users and events is set to 14 months. After that period, the collected data will be deleted by Google Analytics.
- We use data that we use to prevent fraud for as long as necessary.

6. How do we protect your personal data?
We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data and take measures to prevent misuse, loss, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized modification of personal data. This includes data encryption, password locking, access control to our locations and limiting the group of employees who have access to the data. If you have the impression that your data has not been misused, please contact us.

7. Customers under 16 years old
Our websites are intended for adults and are not intended to collect data about website visitors under the age of 16 without permission from parents of guardians. However, we cannot monitor a visitor over 16 years of age. We therefore advise parents to be involved in the online activities of their children, in order to prevent data from young people under the age of 16 being collected without parental consent. If you believe that we collect personal information about the web without that permission, please contact us. We will delete this information.

8. What are your rights?
As a data subject, you have rights with regard to the personal data that we process. What rights does this have You can read below how you can appeal here.
- Right of inspection
You always have the right to process data that we process (or have them processed) and that relate to your person of being able to access it, free of charge. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail.
- Right to rectification
If the details of your data have not changed, you always have the right to have the data that we process or have processed and that relate to your person of origin can be traced back to you. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail. If you have a personal account with us, you can largely do this yourself in your account. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter via the link in the newsletter itself, via your doorcontact account.
- Right to restriction of processing
You always have the right to process the data that we process (or have it processed) and that relate to your person of origin. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail.
- Right to transfer
You have the right to have data that we process or have processed and that relate to your person can always be traced transferred to another party. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail.
- Right to delete your data
Do you no longer want your data to be stored with us? Then you always have the right to have the data that we process or have processed that relate to your person that can be definitively traced. You can contact us by telephone or e-mail.
- Right to object
You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data by or on behalf of us. If you object, we will immediately stop processing the data pending the processing of your objection. If your objection is justified, we will permanently discontinue the processing of your data. You can also contact us by telephone or e-mail.

9. Privacy Policy Changes
We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time by posting the updated version on this page. We recommend that you regularly review our privacy statement to stay informed. If the new policy affects the way in which we process collected data relating to you, we will inform you by e-mail.

10. Contact Details
Name: Les Garcons Antwerp
Business address: Kipdorpvest 43, 2000 Antwerp Belgium

Mailing address:
Kipdorpvest 43, 2000 Antwerp Belgium
Phone number: +32 483660505
VAT identification number: BE 0646 804 215
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