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Golden Dust

Golden Dust
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Golden Dust


Golden Dust by Scentiment perfume is sure to please those that like a bit of musk and fragrances that are strong enough to overpower other odour in its vicinity. A very exotic oil, that's sweet, fruity and uplifting to the soul and mind.


Topnoten: Damascena roos, grapefruit, balsamic

Hartnoten: vanilla, kamperfoelie, muskus

Basisnoten: Amber

€50.00 EUR
  • Stock: Out Of Stock
  • Brand: Scentiment
  • Model: Golden Dust Eau de Parfum

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Product Condition:
Product ConditionNew
Volume (metric):
Volume (metric):100 ml
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Weight:200 Gram
Dimension:64x35x160 mm
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